Svensk SkogsCertifiering AB have offered International Training Programmes in the field of Forestry and Environment based on Swedish know-how and global experience since 1985.

International Training Programmes

We have a wide network of international co–operating partners to complement the skills of our permanent staff. This gives us the flexibility necessary to tailor our training programmes to our different customers world wide.

Since 1996, SSC, in co–operation with WWF International and the Swedish University of Agriculture, have organized the international training programme "Forest Certification". This programme is also financed by Sida .

The general objective of this training programme, which is divided into two training periods, is to improve the possibilities of introducing Environmental Management Systems and Forest Certification. Swedish examples and experiences will be used as references during the first three weeks training in Sweden. Pilot activities planned and prepared during the first training period, will be implemented between the two training periods, and presented and evaluated during the second period.

Areas of expertice