Based on forest certification as a tool for ensuring sustainability, SSC Forestry offers an integrated approach to forest management - an approach which is market-driven and adapted to the requirements of the processing industries.

Forest management and industrial development

We have particular expertise in the analysis of wood flows and the utilization of wood, based on timber properties, with the aim of improving communication and integration between the forest, the processing industry and the market. As part of this service, we are able to make available our unique knowledge of the design of cost-effective small and medium–sized sawmilling industries.

We have extensive expertise in even-aged forest management both in plantation and natural systems, as well as experience in the management of mixed-aged, mixed-species forests in the tropics. We have advised on plantation development projects in Africa and Latin America. We are particularly proud of our capability of transforming low-value production systems with no profits into successful export businesses, by matching product quality to market demand, and by implementing low-cost but innovative, appropriate and effective processing design and technology.

Together with selected Swedish machine manufacturers like LÅKS Mekaniska AB and Logosol AB, SSC Forestry has introduced new concepts for integrated and profitable production in the small and medium-sized mechanical wood-processing industry.

In cooperation with Sida, we have trained more than 300 forest managers from more than 40 countries, in forest management and the integrated approach to improved wood utilization.

Areas of expertice