Svensk SkogsCertifiering AB have offered International Training Programmes in the field of Forestry and Environment based on Swedish know-how and global experience since 1985.

International Training Programme on Forest Certification 2008

In cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Svensk SkogsCertifiering AB (SSC) has trained over 350 forest managers/experts from more than 60 countries in forest certification and more than 300 forest managers/experts from more than 40 countries, in forest management and the integrated approach to improved wood utilization.

For 2008, the training programme invites Latin America (Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala), South and East Asia (China, Indonesia) and Africa (Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana). Individually selected observers from future cooperation countries might also be invited.

Please, read more about the International Forest Certification Programme for 2008 under this links. For any question - contact Klas Bengtsson. Remember to send your application before March 10, 2008!