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Profile Created :2007-02-15 18:06
Last Seen :2017-02-15 14:34
Total Posts : 33
Location : Uppsala, Sweden
Occupation : Forester
Interests : Unavailable
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Dear Yves, The Forum is like "down" and we do not have too much time next few mounths... But Sandra wants to do something for the SSC Forum during the authumn... hope that will be possible! Sorry for...
General ChatKlas Bengtsson
2009-08-19 12:47
Dear Stanley, Welcome to the Forum. To edit your profile, change password etc. please just log in and go to the "Control Panel"! I have to tell you that this is not a very big forum with great...
General ChatKlas Bengtsson
2008-02-26 13:40

Making a BOOK based on excellent Pilot Projects from 2007?
Maybe I should put this "subject" under the FC 2007 part of the Forum... If you have any comments - do not hesitate to send it to the Forum. SSC will try to support this idea 2008 if you are...

Forest Certification 2007

Klas Bengtsson
2008-02-08 18:32

Making a BOOK based on excellent Pilot Projects from 2007?
Dear FC 2007 Friends - Paxie presented this proposal already in Bolivia. I think if most of the participants are ready to make a written presentation - not only the Power Point - let say 2-10 pages...

General Chat

Klas Bengtsson
2008-02-01 11:56

Updated address and News from FC 2007 Participants!
Sent from South Africa by Paxie (31/1-2008) Dear Colleagues (FC2007), Compliments (although belated!)of the New Year to ALL FC 2007 Participants! A few quick pointers. 1/ update my contact address I...

General Chat

Klas Bengtsson
2008-02-01 11:48