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All the participants since 1996

Participants - 2004
Tanya Santos
Belize, Central America - BSc Watershed Science
Alejandro Aguilera
Bolivia, South America - MSc in Environment BSc in Law
Milanka Jovanovic
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europé - BSc Forestry
Vannary Chhin
Cambodia, Asia - BSc Forestry Diploma Forestry administration
Marcela Santelices
Chile, South America - BSc Forestry Agriculture
Rodrigo Mujica Hoevelmayer
Chile, South America - PhD in silviculture Forest engineer
Bin Xu
China, Asia - MSc in Forestry Ongoing PhD in Foretsry
Ke Dong
China, Asia - Forest Management PhD Candidate MSc Forest Economy
César Monje
Columbia, South America - PhD. Amazon Rainforest Network Coordinator
Roberto Del Cid
Guatemala, Central America - Forest engineer
Posma Panggabean
Indonesia, Asia Msc - Papermaking Clean Technology BSc Ecology Agency
Nurcahyo Adi
Indonesia, Asia - MBA Diploma in Forest management
Severinus Jembe
Kenya, Africa - BSc Arts Watershed management course WWF Earpo Resource manager
Somphone Bouasavanh
Lao, Asia - MSc. In Silviculture BSc. In Forest management
Judith Kamoto
Malawi, Africa - MSc. Tropical forestry University of Malawi Lecturer
Reuben Nilus
Malaysia, Asia - PhD in Tropical forest ecology BSc Botany
Nemekhjargal Batsukh
Mongolia, Asia - WWF-International
WWF Mongolia Programme officer
Anabela Fernandes
Mozambique, Africa
Forestry engineer
Hercylia Tombolane
Mozambique, Africa
Licenciate in Forestry
Ram Acharya
Nepal, Asia
PhD. In ressource management MSc.in sociology
Conrad Geldenhuys
South Africa, Africa
Bachelor of Laws, National Diploma in Forestry PROTOCOR
Steven Ngubane
South Africa, Africa
Finalizing Master degree in agriculture
Titus Dlamini
Swaziland, Africa
MSc. In Botany BSc. In Biochemistry
Francisco Shejamabu
Tanzania, Africa
BSc in Forestry
Arthur Dallu
Tanzania, Africa - Bsc Forestry; Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science
Abel Masota
Tanzania, Africa - BSc. In Forestry
Bonnie Kerr
Thailand, Asia
PhD. In Intergrated Sciences
Energy Research Institute
Suchat Kalyawongsa
Thailand, Asia - MSc. Forestry extension BSc. Forest management
Georgiy Bondaruk
Ukraine, Europé - PhD. In Ecology Engineer in Forest management
Judith Petit Aldana
Venezuela, South America - Forestry Engineer MSc Forest Management
Hoa Pham
Vietnam, Asia - BSc. Environment management
Godfrey Musonda
Zambia, Africa - BSc. In Forestry
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