Coordinated from our offices in Europe, Latin America and Africa, SSC Forestry can provide you with the most cost-effective solutions based on our worldwide network of more than 60 specialist consultants.

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SSC Forestry — your partner in building sustainable forestry

Our strategy for natural resource management is always based on the principles and guidelines for social and environmental sustainability given by the leading systems for certification, for example FSC, The Forest Stewardship Council and FLO, The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation. We are convinced this offers the best possible quality assurance for our clients.

However, certification systems do not automatically guarantee profitability. SSC Forestry is convinced that long–term sustainability always needs to be based on an efficient utilization of natural resources and optimal systems for logistics, production and customer satisfaction — in short, competitiveness and profitability.

We guarantee our clients a market-oriented approach. For us, an integral part of our mission is ensuring client profitability based on an efficient integration of the market's demands, the industrial production system and the supply of raw material. This is SSC Forestry's guarantee for sustainability and profitability.

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